Preparing for 2012

I started preparing for 2012 last year, on Dec 6th. Two weeks following the Off Period schedule (finished on Dec 19th) and then two cycles of Build Up (first cycle finished this Monday, Jan 9th).

The best part of this  was getting back into a running routine. Only 2 missed runs during Off Period (9 of 11 runs) and again 2 missed runs during Build Up cycle 01.

The weather is good these days. It´s been raining for some time and temperatures are around 21C when I´m out running. But it will not last long, unfortunately.


Let´s blog again

Yeah, I know. This blog was forgotten for a while. During my recovery time I didn´t have too much to talk.

Since my last entry nothing relevant happened. Not a single race. I had few 10k cycles and went through Off Period and the first cycle of Build Up, which ended last Monday.

Now that I´m running with a new watch (one with GPS), I´ve been able to try new paths.

Hoping for an amazing 2012. To us all.