A warm 5k paced run

On this weekend I went to Guaruja, a beach city near Sao Paulo. We go there everytime we can, especially when there’s good chances of a sunny weekend. This time wasn’t different.

Guaruja - Street where I ran the 5k paced

A warm Saturday was waiting for me, and I had a 5k run to be done under 22:30. We stay there only 3 blocks from the beach, so I used this distance and a little more as warm up. But I wasn’t going to run on the sand as I normally do on easy runs, because I don’t have a GPS watch and wouldn’t know for sure when to stop. I used Map my Run to measure 2,5k from my starting point and the result was very similar to the 10k race that happens there (it’s two 5k laps) and used the bike path.

I started and found a comfortable pace. Luckily, there are some trees along the way and ran under a blessed shadow for some moments.

My comfortable pace was a just little slower and I noticed it only when I reached my 2,5k mark, I was 10 seconds behind. No big deal, I thought. At that point I saw one of those street clocks showing 28C. I speed up a bit and kept going, only now the heat was making feel tired. Praying for some trees, I reached them and continued up to my starting point: 22:29.

After the run, I realized it wasn’t as tough as my first 5k this year. And could confirm that checking my heart rate, 173bpm average vs 181bpm 3 weeks before under a nicer temperature. Apparently, things are working well here.

Below, some pictures of the beach I go and run.

Enseada beach (1 of 4)
Enseada beach (2 of 4)
Enseada beach (3 of 4)
Enseada beach (4 of 4)



140 bpm is number I´m trying to reach on my easy runs. So far, it has been always above it, normally between 145 and 150. It´s no big deal, but it would be a great sign of improvement if I could run at current pace and reach 140bpm as average.

After 39 days (30 runs) running in the morning, I ran last night. Result: 141bpm at easy pace. Ok, it was only one run, but this is what I look for my morning runs.

Today my performance on morning runs has improved, I just can´t say if it´s as good as on night runs. I have a 10k race 30 days from today. Then we´ll see.


Finding Balance

I was supposed to run this morning, 1h easy, but felt heavy legs yesterday all day long and decided to postpone this run. Reason? My gym exercises last Tuesday night.

I go to the gym twice a week at night and do Functional Strength Training. But I never go the night before a quality session (I don´t want to wake up tired and face a quality session, right?). And Tuesday night, after the 6x1k in the morning, I didn´t follow the usual exercises sequence (gym was full) and it probably caused this fatigue. I believe so because I was following the same routine so far and never felt tired like this before.

It´s no big deal. I even woke up today feeling better, and I`ll probably run this night, as tomorrow is rest day.

Looking forward for this weekend. I´m going to the beach tomorrow night and can´t wait to run on the sand and swim after it.


Another sign of progress (6x1k session)

After the great session I had last Thursday (5x2k) I knew (I hoped) this session would be great. And I was right.

This time I was going 10 seconds per km faster on this second cycle. Six reps of 1k at 4:10/km with 60 seconds rest. I also hoped my heart rate monitor would work properly (last time it gave me strange readings on my rest average heart rate RHR).

The first and second reps were fine. They never gave me any trouble. I could find the pace and went steady most of the time. The third and fourth it’s when you start feeling tired. Then you still have two more to go. Here’s the challenge. It’s when I tell myself I have to keep going because these two reps will make all the difference. That’s how I go through this session. This time, I felt it easier than the last one.

Feb 22nd – 6x1k @4:10/km – day 08

Rep Time AHR RHR
01 04:10 167 159
02 04:08 177 169
03 04:08 179 172
04 04:08 181 175
05 04:10 181 178
06 04:10 184 178
Total 24:54 178 172
The Heart Rate readings are average.

Sub 45min – Cycle 02 – Week 02

I have just finished week 01 of this second sub 45min cycle. I did all the sessions and got really happy with my 5x2k session last Thursday. The long run went very well, almost 19k in 2 hours. Also got my bike and rode it for almost 28km on Sunday. It was a total of 60,5km running, plus the 28km of bike.

Week 02 begins with a quality session this Tuesday. Very excited about this run.

Sub 45min – Cycle 2 – Week 02

Feb 22nd – 6x1k @4:10km – day 08

Feb 23rd – 1h easy – day 09

Feb 24th – 1h easy – day 10

Feb 25th – Off – day 11

Feb 26th – 5k paced – day 12

Feb 27th – 1h easy or bike – day 13

Feb 28th – 1h easy – day 14