Weekly Reward

Berrie Lemonade and Crushed Lemonade
Berrie Lemonade and Crushed Lemonade

One of the best things when you live in a big city is the variety of places where you can go to eat. I read the other day that here in Sao Paulo there are more than 12,5 thousand restaurants. It means you could go to a different one every day for the next 34 years!

Last Saturday I visited the St. Louis. Some people consider this place a must-go if you love hamburgers. I’ve read excellent reviews about them and finally decided to go. I didn’t have to say much to my girlfriend to convince her. She shares my taste for meat.

Below there’s a picture of the burger I ordered. It’s my prize after a week of hard training, right?

BB Burger
BB Burger: 220g burger stuffed with Gorgonzola cheese, stewed mushrooms, crispy bacon and rocket leafs.

By the way: delicious burger and I´ll definitely come back again.



I´m 32 years old, live in Sao Paulo-BRA and started running regularly on Sep´08, but only on Feb´09 started following a training program. I haven´t stopped since…

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