4K Time-trial

At the end of a 3-week cycle, you’re supposed to race. It can either be an actual race or a time-trial. In my case, as had no races planned for today, I went out for a 4k time-trial. The result is used to determine the pace for the 2k and 1k quality sessions.

My expectations for today’s trial were to finish at a better time than last one (16:33). I actually achieved it, (16:29) but I wanted it to be bellow 16:20.  It was a great result as well.

Another cycle begins next Tuesday. Tomorrow I’ll grab my bike and ride for some time.  It’s been fun to ride through the city on Sunday mornings. I’ll take some pictures and show how it looks like.

Feb 12th 4k Time-trial - Day 19

Morning Run - 23C
Km time AHR
01 04:12 165
02 04:08 185
03 04:08 189
04 04:01 194
04 16:29 183