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Riding in Sao Paulo

Sunday has become bike day. Since I got my bike, on an event last month that celebrated the city´s anniversary (you enter the event and get a nice bike for you), I decided to ride on Sundays.

Why on Sundays? First, because according to my current training schedule, it´s an easy run day (it can be easily replaced by a bike ride). Second, and most important, one lane of certain streets/avenues (those that connect one park to the other) becomes exclusive for bikes (from 7am – 2pm), plus traffic is very low.

Bike path connecing Ibirapuera´s Park (red line) to Villa-Lobos Park (green line)
Bike exclusive lane on a Sunday

From where I live (near Ibirapuera´s Park) to Villa-Lobos Park (passing through Parque do Povo) is 11,6km long. You´re able to ride on a flat path most of the way (you go through one tunnel) and enjoy the view of the big city riding on a safe lane, not having to worry with the heavy traffic you see on week days.

Riding towards Villa-Lobos Park
I`m enjoying a lot my Sunday mornings. Sometimes it´s good to try a different sport.
Riding at Villa-Lobos Park
Next time I go, I´ll take more pictures to show how Sao Paulo looks on a Sunday morning from a bike´s point of view.



I´m 32 years old, live in Sao Paulo-BRA and started running regularly on Sep´08, but only on Feb´09 started following a training program. I haven´t stopped since…

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