Sub 45min – Cycle 02 – Week 01

My first sub 45min cycle ended yesterday and instead of an easy 1h run, I decided to rest this Monday to begin a new one completely renewed.

Today I start a new cycle, and this time there are some changes. My quality sessions are faster. The 5 x 2k session, next Thursday, is to be done at 4:20/km-4:25/km (8:40 – 8:50 for 2k). The 6 x 1k session, next Tuesday, now is 4:10/km-4:15/km. Now I have to go 5s to 10s per km faster. I was doing this last year, but during my night runs. I believe it won’t be a problem. They are tough sessions, but I’ll live!

Sub 45min – Cycle 2 – Week 01

Feb 15th – 70min easy – day 1

Feb 16th – 60min easy – day 2

Feb 17th – 5x2k R90s (8:40-8:50) – day 3

Feb 18th – Off – day 4

Feb 19th – 2h Long run – day 5

Feb 20th – Bike – day 6

Feb 21st – 60min easy – day 7

My sub 45min is modified from this one here. I have 1h easy runs, 5x2k instead of 4x2k and 2h long run.