Long Run

My last long run was interrupted because it was too warm that day on the beach. Today, under 23C most of the time, I was able to have an enjoyable 2-hour run in the park.

I left home a little later than normally do on weekdays (I’m allowed to sleep longer, right?) and started running headed to the park. There, I normally have two choices: run on the 3k asphalt track or 6k trail. As it’s been raining these days, I decided not to run on the track because it would be slippery.  The only “problem” is running 5 laps over the same path (it can get a little boring sometimes). On the other hand, as I don’t own a GPS watch, I can keep track of my pace without any problems.

The run itself was very nice. I really like starting a weekend like this.

Feb 19th – 2h long run – Day 05
18,8km at 6:23/km / AHR:150
Temp: 23C at 7:15am