Sub 45min – Cycle 02 – Week 02

I have just finished week 01 of this second sub 45min cycle. I did all the sessions and got really happy with my 5x2k session last Thursday. The long run went very well, almost 19k in 2 hours. Also got my bike and rode it for almost 28km on Sunday. It was a total of 60,5km running, plus the 28km of bike.

Week 02 begins with a quality session this Tuesday. Very excited about this run.

Sub 45min – Cycle 2 – Week 02

Feb 22nd – 6x1k @4:10km – day 08

Feb 23rd – 1h easy – day 09

Feb 24th – 1h easy – day 10

Feb 25th – Off – day 11

Feb 26th – 5k paced – day 12

Feb 27th – 1h easy or bike – day 13

Feb 28th – 1h easy – day 14



I´m 32 years old, live in Sao Paulo-BRA and started running regularly on Sep´08, but only on Feb´09 started following a training program. I haven´t stopped since…

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