Sub 45min – Cycle 03 – Week 01

Yesterday I started a new cycle of training, now towards the half marathon on April 10th. Since it´s two weeks to this race, it will be a shorter cycle.

Regarding my 10K result, TheEd said that the problem I had with the sandwich (I felt sick, almost fainted at home, etc) probably afected my performance, since already by the 4th km I was near my limit.

Last Monday I ran 30min easy, at 6:15/km and my heart rate was normal, 148. Yesterday ran for an hour at 6:19/km and HR was 150, it was a warm day. Today, another hour but at 6:15/km with 148 HR.

My body is giving me signals that it´s better from last week´s incident. Tomorrow I won´t be able to run in the morning because I have a commitment I can´t postpone. So, the 2k session  will be done at night.

Sub 45min – Cycle 3 – Week 01

Mar 29th – 70min easy – day 1

Mar 30th – 60min easy – day 2

Mar 31st – 5x2k R90s (8:40-8:50) – day 3

Apr 1st – Off – day 4

Apr 2nd – 2h Long run – day 5

Apr 3rd – Bike – day 6

Apr 4th – 60min easy – day 7


10k race result – Track&Field Run Series

Yesterday I had my 10k race and finished in 47:58. Not exactly what I had in mind, but it was a reasonable result, considering it was a warm day. I ran with 3 friends and all of them finished between 45min and 46min, they also hoped for a sub45.

I could keep the pace I wanted only for the first 3km, after it I got slower, no matter how hard I tried to push. Between the 5th and 6th km we crossed a bridge, so there´s an uphill here. We doubled back and between the 6th and 7th we crossed on the other side of this bridge. I felt some dizziness after these two uphill parts, but it was gone right after and I kept going. I had some energy left for a small sprint near the finish line.

Here´s the splits:

Mar 27th – 10k race


AHR: average heart rate

Only after the race I checked my pulse and saw that from the 4th km I was near my limit. My watch even registered 9min38s of pulse above 190 (as it was my max HR).

Now, next race is the half marathon on April 10th. I´ll start a new cycle tomorrow.


Tomorrow is Race day!

And tomorrow is the day. First race of the year is a 10k race that I’m used to (Track&Field Run Series – Shopping Villa-Lobos). I ran it four times before. My best time is something around 47 minutes. It’s 3 minutes far from my best time. Although I like this race I don’t remember racing it on ideal conditions. It was either a warm day or I haven’t trained enough for it.

Tomorrow is expected to be a warm day. My training during the last 3-week cycle was not good so, nothing new, right? Enough of excuses, this time I’ve been training in the morning since last December, almost four months.  I’ll be racing with some friends that have a pace similar to mine. We’re probably going to start together but not likely to finish together. We’re on different phases of training. We’re all excited about this race, and tomorrow I’ll come back to tell.


A run to recover

And I´m recovered from my sandwich “accident” on Sunday. I woke up feeling much better today and was able to put my shoes and run easy. I wasn´t sure for how long it would be, but after a few minutes I noticed my heart rate within normal range and ran for 1 hour.

It was great to be running after 3 days of recovery. Tomorrow I´ll try a fartlek session to put some speed on this week before my 10k race next Sunday. On Friday, normally a rest day, I´ll run 1 hour easy and a rest day is programmed for Saturday. Hoping for tomorrow´s session be a good one, to give me more confidence for this race.

Food Training Travelling

A 5K, an ended vacation and a sandwich

Now I’m back to Sao Paulo. My brief vacation is over and it was a nice time spent with family. Had a small trip and got to know a new city. But my running wasn’t what I expected.

I didn’t have the 2k and 1k sessions I hoped for. Fortunately, finished this period with a consistent 5k paced run at the tough track in the park back in my hometown.

For this run I ran clockwise. This time, I didn’t face a 2k uphill at the beginning and they became 2k downhill. But the 1st km is also uphill when running clockwise and after it you have a flat part followed by a small downhill.

I ran controlling my effort: was slower when going up and faster when going down.

See the splits:

Mar 19th – 5k paced below 22:30

01|04:47|163 (mostly uphill)
02|04:34|180 (uphill/downhill)
03|04:30|185 (uphill/downhill)
04|04:17|184 (mostly downhill)
05|04:16|187 (mostly downhill)

At this point you might be asking: What about that sandwich in the title? The sandwich was a snack served during yesterday’s flight that made sick and I could barely sleep. Couldn’t run or go to work today. Spent most of the time in the bathroom (don’t worry: no further details are given :)). Right now I’m feeling much better and hopefully will be completely recovered by tomorrow. And if I run, will be an easy one, no more than 40 minutes. There’s a 10k race this weekend and I was hoping for a sub 45min. I hope I’m there by Sunday.