A first time

One thing I was proud of was that I never failed on a 5x2k session, not matter how hard it was. But there’s a first time for everything, right?

I’m spending a few days at hometown and here I used to be a member of a country club that has a 400m tartan track. I organized myself to run the 2k session there, yesterday, but what I didn’t know was the club would be closed for maintenance after the Carnival. So, I had to go to the park for it.

The park has a 5km asphalt track but it’s far from being flat. It starts with 1,8k constant uphill and then it goes down until the 4th, up for 300m and down again and it ends. There’s not a single flat km. I thought I could do it, even going slower but it wasn’t my day. I had to stop after the third rep because I wasn’t able to continue, the first rep (uphill) destroyed me.

For the 1k session, I hope to access this 400m track. Would be mentally nice to complete this session without any problems.