Running in circles

After my 2K session last Thursday, I traveled to visit some relatives at another city (Anápolis, near Brasilia, our Capital), 400km distant from my hometown (Uberlândia). Now, I’m 1.000km away from home, in Sao Paulo.

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This weekend I had to run my 2h long run, so where to do it? I asked my relatives and they suggested me a new square in town with a 1,1km asphalt track. So I did the math: it would be something like 17 or 18 laps there. Almost like a rat lab, running in circles.

Small lake
View of the square

Fortunately, it’s a lovely place and I didn’t get tired of the view soon. I could finish my run counting 18 laps and feeling tired mostly because of the warm day here, even though it was cloudy.

Walk path and bike path

View of the walking path

Artificial stream