Tomorrow is Race day!

And tomorrow is the day. First race of the year is a 10k race that I’m used to (Track&Field Run Series – Shopping Villa-Lobos). I ran it four times before. My best time is something around 47 minutes. It’s 3 minutes far from my best time. Although I like this race I don’t remember racing it on ideal conditions. It was either a warm day or I haven’t trained enough for it.

Tomorrow is expected to be a warm day. My training during the last 3-week cycle was not good so, nothing new, right? Enough of excuses, this time I’ve been training in the morning since last December, almost four months.  I’ll be racing with some friends that have a pace similar to mine. We’re probably going to start together but not likely to finish together. We’re on different phases of training. We’re all excited about this race, and tomorrow I’ll come back to tell.