Sub 45min – Cycle 03 – Week 01

Yesterday I started a new cycle of training, now towards the half marathon on April 10th. Since it´s two weeks to this race, it will be a shorter cycle.

Regarding my 10K result, TheEd said that the problem I had with the sandwich (I felt sick, almost fainted at home, etc) probably afected my performance, since already by the 4th km I was near my limit.

Last Monday I ran 30min easy, at 6:15/km and my heart rate was normal, 148. Yesterday ran for an hour at 6:19/km and HR was 150, it was a warm day. Today, another hour but at 6:15/km with 148 HR.

My body is giving me signals that it´s better from last week´s incident. Tomorrow I won´t be able to run in the morning because I have a commitment I can´t postpone. So, the 2k session  will be done at night.

Sub 45min – Cycle 3 – Week 01

Mar 29th – 70min easy – day 1

Mar 30th – 60min easy – day 2

Mar 31st – 5x2k R90s (8:40-8:50) – day 3

Apr 1st – Off – day 4

Apr 2nd – 2h Long run – day 5

Apr 3rd – Bike – day 6

Apr 4th – 60min easy – day 7