Back to routine soon

One thing I believe has affected my running lately is that I’m out of my routine. I’m sleeping and waking up later than I’m used to and this moved my runs to a later time, warmer indeed, here at my hometown. Two hours later during summer can make a difference.

I’ve failed on my 2k session. Ok, it was a tough track for a quality session. For my 1k session, I went to the club and ran on a 400m tartan track. Very nice experience, but the session itself was not good. Finished 3 of 6 reps above target time.

My easy runs are fine, although it’s warmer since yesterday. It’s a rest day tomorrow and Saturday I’ll ran a 5k paced at the park. Probably will wake up earlier, I want a good session before coming back to Sao Paulo.


Running in circles

After my 2K session last Thursday, I traveled to visit some relatives at another city (Anápolis, near Brasilia, our Capital), 400km distant from my hometown (Uberlândia). Now, I’m 1.000km away from home, in Sao Paulo.

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This weekend I had to run my 2h long run, so where to do it? I asked my relatives and they suggested me a new square in town with a 1,1km asphalt track. So I did the math: it would be something like 17 or 18 laps there. Almost like a rat lab, running in circles.

Small lake
View of the square

Fortunately, it’s a lovely place and I didn’t get tired of the view soon. I could finish my run counting 18 laps and feeling tired mostly because of the warm day here, even though it was cloudy.

Walk path and bike path

View of the walking path

Artificial stream


A first time

One thing I was proud of was that I never failed on a 5x2k session, not matter how hard it was. But there’s a first time for everything, right?

I’m spending a few days at hometown and here I used to be a member of a country club that has a 400m tartan track. I organized myself to run the 2k session there, yesterday, but what I didn’t know was the club would be closed for maintenance after the Carnival. So, I had to go to the park for it.

The park has a 5km asphalt track but it’s far from being flat. It starts with 1,8k constant uphill and then it goes down until the 4th, up for 300m and down again and it ends. There’s not a single flat km. I thought I could do it, even going slower but it wasn’t my day. I had to stop after the third rep because I wasn’t able to continue, the first rep (uphill) destroyed me.

For the 1k session, I hope to access this 400m track. Would be mentally nice to complete this session without any problems.

Training Travelling

Carnival and a small vacation

Carnival at Rio de Janeiro

Many people here wait for this time of the year because they want to party during the Carnival holiday. It’s the biggest festival here and you probably heard of it.

I enjoyed it much more when I was a teenager. Today, I like it because of the fact I don’t have to work from Mon thru Wed, returning only Thu. But I also got 10 days off from work and now using it to visit my family in my hometown (almost 600km from Sao Paulo). I’ll stay here until March 20th.

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Luckily, my right calf is better and I’ll be able to start a new cycle tomorrow. And here there are some nice places to run.


On Hold

My right calf is annoying me these days. After the 5k paced run last Saturday, it started to draw my attention.

On Sunday I didn´t run. Woke up next day feeling better and ran 1h easy. Last Tuesday I was supposed to run 3x5min at 10k pace, but during warm up I changed the session to a 30min easy. Wed and Thu same thing, only 30min easy. Today, rest.

The 15k paced run, tomorrow, probably will be postponed. I was really excited about this, would be a practice for my half marathon on April 10th.

Another couple of days running easy, icing the area and hopefully it will be alright.