Bike Training

Riding in Sao Paulo (3)

You probably noticed I changed the blog’s header. The new image is from Ibirapuera’s park. This is my road. It’s where I go 5-6 times a week to run. But for the first time I was there with my bike, and it was nice to ride there. They have recently repaired the asphalt and painted the bike path, so everything is new and it’s perfect for running or cycling. The repair is not 100% completed, but it should be soon. I stil hope they’ll put km markers that weren’t present before.

This is my road

I grabbed my bike today and went to the park to take some pictures. I was looking for a new image for the blog and I think it was nice the one I chose. Today was a cloudy day, temperature around 20C and no sign of the Sun.

Early morning at Ibirapuera

It has rained the night before and not too many people decided to wake up early this Sunday and go there. On a sunny day, it get’s really crowded and it becomes very difficult to run.

Lake area at Ibirapuera

The park is not the biggest of the city but it’s considered to be the most famous one. It has:

  • The Museum of Contemporary Art
  • The Museum of Modern Art
  • A sports gymnasium
  • a cooper track, volley/basket courts
  • and much more…

There are lots of attractions there that I still haven’t been. So many places to visit and take pictures that one post is not enough.

Ibirapuera's Park

Today I discovered there’s a bike rental service there. It’s located near Gate 3. So, if you ever come here and want to get a bike and enjoy the park, you know where to look for.

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A boost of confidence

My training is going really well this week. After a not so god race, my first two 1h runs this week were at a faster pace while keeping the same heart rate. Then I had the 2k session. I would normally run in the morning, but I had a commitment an Thur morning I couldn’t postpone, so I had the session at night. And it was a great session. I felt it controlled all the way, even had to slow down a bit to complete each rep at programmed pace.

My watch doesn’t record max or min heart rate and this time I wanted to know my min heart rate, in order to see how well I was recovering between reps. During the 90s rest, I kept my eyes on the watch and memorized my heart beat a few seconds before start running again. The result was good. It was a clear indication that I was recovered from felling sick the previous week.

Mar 31st – 5x2k @ 4:20/km – day 03

Rep Time AHR RHR MinHR
01 08:40 168 153 134
02 08:39 175 155 136
03 08:40 175 159 141
04 08:39 175 162 144
05 08:35 177 163 148
Tot 43:13 174 158
AHR: average heart rate, RHR: average rest heart rate

This session, done at night, was easier than when I do it in the morning. Next time, I’ll do it in the morning, as I want to adapt better for my early runs.

This Sat morning I had my 2h long run. Normally I run at an easy pace that is between 6:20/km – 6:30km, but this time I was a bit faster, ran it at 6:00/km. The best part, my average heart rate was the lowest so far, 154.

I hope things continue well the coming week and I’ll be in good shape for my half marathon on April 10th.