When work gets in the way

Lately things are pretty intense at work. I get there by 8am and stay up to 8h30pm. No too much time to rest and do other things. Last Thursday I woke up feeling tired and almost decided not to run that day. But, as it was the most important session of the program, the 5x2k, I went to the park decided to do it.

After the first rep I was feeling like I wouldn’t make it. I found some strength and did the second rep in time. After this, I couldn’t find enough energy on my body and got slow. Third and l fourth reps were 10s slower and never got to the fifth.

Friday was a day off, the problem was that I worked more than I had in months. From 8am thru 10pm. Even had to work this Saturday and missed the long run. In fact, I’m postponing it for this Sunday. Also had to cancel my plans to go to the beach. Too bad because the weather is amazing: warm and sunny. This Monday should also be a hard day at work, but it should stops there.

Luckly, there’s a holiday coming next Thursday and I’ll be able to rest properly. 🙂



I´m 32 years old, live in Sao Paulo-BRA and started running regularly on Sep´08, but only on Feb´09 started following a training program. I haven´t stopped since…

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