Food I like – Burger

Our favorite recipe for burger

One of the things I like doing, besides running, is having a good meal. Sometimes I go to a restaurant or a snack bar, sometimes I do it at home.

Last weekend I would go to the beach, instead I had to stay and work during Saturday. Before knowing my plans had failed, my fianceé went to the supermarket and bought us food for that weekend. We wanted to have a nice burger sandwich.

She bought a 200g rump steak burger, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. This is our basic and favorite combination. No eggs, bacon, etc. Just that.

You grill the burger, melt the cheese on it, chop the tomatoes and lettuce. Put on a nice bread and eat.



I´m 32 years old, live in Sao Paulo-BRA and started running regularly on Sep´08, but only on Feb´09 started following a training program. I haven´t stopped since…

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