On April 10th we celebrated our sixth year together as a couple. Dates like this are a good opportunity to visit a new restaurant in the city. This time we went to Nonno Ruggero, one of the restaurants of Fasano.

No reservations made so we left my house a little early in order to avoid waiting for a table. The strategy did work and a table for two was available at a nice place at the restaurant, near the salad buffet! 🙂

We chose a bottle of red wine and went to the buffet table to serve. We got some tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, lettuce, parmesan cheese, peaches, parma ham, palm tree etc.

Salad buffet

After another round of this delicious things, we got the menu to order our dish.

Here’s something curious about ourselves: we never order the same dish. Why? Just to taste two different dishes of the menu.

My dish: sirloin with mashed potatoes

Her dish: Vitelo milanesa with saffron risoto

Both dishes were nicely done, tasted beautifully and made this day even better than it was so far.



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