Fast and hungry

My 1k session last night was a great one. It all started after a regular day at my work, no extra hours there and arriving home early enough for the training session later that day.

I wasn´t feeling too tired and decided to go and see how it would be. The only problem was a I hadn´t eaten properly during the afternoon and the past busy days didn´t allow me to go to the supermarket.

With not too much in the tank I left home. Warm up was nice, 11 minutes at easy pace. Quick stop to sip water, adjust the watch, concentrate and go!

The session started really good. First, second, third and fourth reps were faster than programmed pace. But I started feeling hungry (yes, at the end of 4th rep I could really eat something!) and without energy. Of course I was getting tired, but I´d certainly keep that pace if I had eaten properly.

I still want to see how I´ll behave on my 5k session this Saturday. The 4:15/km pace seems plausible now. Keeping fingers crossed!

Apr 19th – 6x1k @ 4:10/km – day 9
Night Run

05|04:10|178|???|155 (HR monitor lost its signal, took me extra 10s during rest to fix it)

AHR: Average Heart Rate; RHR: Average Rest Heart Rate; MinHR: Min Heart Rate during rest


Back to Routine?

It looks like I´m back to my routine. The last 2 weeks were pretty busy at work: we were preparing a financial study to be presented today. As a result: too much work to do, not too much time to execute.

Like I mentioned on my last post, yesterday was a busy day. I got to work around 8:30 am and left near midnight. We were so busy finishing our study and preparing the presentation that we had lunch and dinner inside our office. A sandwich for lunch and a pizza for dinner. Healthy meals, right?

So, no running yesterday and this morning. My 6x1k session will be done tonight. I believe I´ll have the strength for a tough session like this. I could sleep properly last night but the body is still tired. The holiday is coming and I´ll have enough time to rest.

I´m looking forward for my 5k paced run next Saturday. I´ll run it, or try, at 4:15/km as a trial for my 8k race the following weekend. If everything goes well, I´ll be in good shape for a great result on April 30th. Fingers crossed.

This week looks like this:

Apr 19th – 6x1k @4:10/km – day 8

Apr 20th – 1h easy – day 9

Apr 21st – 1h easy – day 10

Apr 22nd – Off – day 11

Apr 23rd – 5K paced run – day 12

Apr 24th – 1h easy or Bike – day 13

Apr 25th – 1h easy – day 14


When work gets in the way

Lately things are pretty intense at work. I get there by 8am and stay up to 8h30pm. No too much time to rest and do other things. Last Thursday I woke up feeling tired and almost decided not to run that day. But, as it was the most important session of the program, the 5x2k, I went to the park decided to do it.

After the first rep I was feeling like I wouldn’t make it. I found some strength and did the second rep in time. After this, I couldn’t find enough energy on my body and got slow. Third and l fourth reps were 10s slower and never got to the fifth.

Friday was a day off, the problem was that I worked more than I had in months. From 8am thru 10pm. Even had to work this Saturday and missed the long run. In fact, I’m postponing it for this Sunday. Also had to cancel my plans to go to the beach. Too bad because the weather is amazing: warm and sunny. This Monday should also be a hard day at work, but it should stops there.

Luckly, there’s a holiday coming next Thursday and I’ll be able to rest properly. 🙂


Run, Rest, Repeat

I was supposed to start a new 3-week cycle this morning but I decided no to run in order to better recover my right foot´s blister I got during the half marathon last weekend.

Things at work are pretty intense and yesterday I stayed over 13 hours there, and it means I wore shoes and socks all this time. Not good when you have a blister. Today should be the same, but I´ll spend some time without my shoes when at my desk. Poor co-workers!

I entered the 8K race on April 30th. It will be a different race. It´s at Sao Paulo Indy 300 track, that happens on May 1st. It will be two 4km laps where the cars race, right after the qualifying session.

This should be a fun race. I can´t wait for it.

Race Training

A half marathon later…

And I ran my first half marathon this Sunday.  I ran it in 1h51 but wanted 1h45. It was a nice experience, especially because I had never raced over 10km before.

It was nice morning here. At the start, it was 17C and I placed myself not exactly where I wanted. It was crowded and I lost half a minute over the first km. I planned to run at 5:00/km and could do it up to the 12th km. After that I started to feel a little slow and maintained a 5:15/km over the next 4km.

After 16km, my average pace was near 5:10/km. Then, everything became extremely difficult. The legs didn’t respond and to complicate ever more, a blister on my right foot started to slow me even more. The temperature was higher, not sure how much and the pain from the blister increased a lot. At the 18th I slowed down and walked a little, at the 19th I had to walk again to relieve some of the pain. Then I dragged myself over the last 2km to finish the race. My last 4km were done at 6:00/km on average.

Like I said before. It was a nice experience. I just wanted it to be a little easier in the end.  I’m now planning to race a night 8km race on April 30th.  It’s exactly a cycle away from today. I’m also considering another half marathon in August. Let’s see…