Running food

I’m running as much as I wanted now. I’m still recovering from a tendonitis and won’t have too much time from this Friday on because I’ll be travelling abroad for 20 days. So, not much to say here about running, right?

That’s why this time I wanted to put a recipe here. A dish I like doing and it very easy to prepare. It’s an Orecchiette with sausage (Orechiette is a type of pasta and it looks like a shell).

Orecchiette with sausage


All you need is:

Orechiette pasta

Pork sausage

Cherry tomatoes


Olive oil

Oregano, Basil, etc


It’s very simple to prepare. You start by frying the sausage and slicing it after it’s done. Meanwhile, you steam the broccoli (slice it after done) and cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Also, boil the water for the pasta and make sure to prepare it after everything else is done.

Sliced sausage

When the pasta is done, put everything in the pan (sausage, broccoli, tomato), add some olive oil, oregano and basil. I don’t add salt, but you can if needed. That’s it!

The result is very nice!

Enjoy your meal!



Some progress

I keep treating my injury every single day. Icing the area 3 times a day is my new routine. And it looks like it working well.

I’m going out for 30min easy runs every other day, no more than 3 days a week.

The appointment with my orto last Friday was fine. He classified my injury as a minor one and prescribed an anti-inflammatory for the next days, also some phisio sessions. But I won’t be able to go to the phisio because I’ll travel next Friday, so I’ll do them, if necessary, when I return on the 24th.

Fingers crossed during this time. I can’t wait to start running fast again!


Off for a while

I´ve been away from the blog mostly because I haven´t run much since week. A pain on my left foot has developed and we suspect it could be a anterior tibial tendonitis. As a result, I won´t race this Sunday.

I have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow and I hope it´s nothing serious. Meanwhile, I´ve been icing my foot 3 times a day for 20 minutes each, 1h total.

I was already programming a break from training after this race. Now I´ll use this time for recovery.

Let´s hope for the best. 🙂


A nice session for a change

How about a great session after a few days feeling down? This is what happened last night. I had a great quality session, 6x1k at 4:10/km could be completed with all my reps below the target time.

As I went to an event on Monday night and arrived really late at home, I knew I wouldn´t be able to run in the morning and moved the session for later. Temperature was nice, 19C and the park was not too crowded. The only problem was it was dark. They´re repairing the lamp posts (removing the old ones and putting new ones) and some parts were dark enough I had to careful not to stumble with anyone. Besides that, everything went perfect.

Today is off. It was a tiring session and a small pain on my left instep is present. Taking care of it with ice.

May 10th – 6x1k @ 4:10/km – day 08

Rep Time AHR RHR MinHR
01 04:09 172 161 145
02 04:03 177 166 153
03 04:05 177 171 155
04 04:03 179 170 155
05 04:07 175 171 158
06 04:03 181 173 163
Tot 24:30 177 169 155

AHR: average heart rate, RHR: average rest heart rate, MinHR: lowest heart rate during rest


Never ending run

I´m still fighting against my body when it comes to waking up early. I never thought it would be this difficult when the “cold” days arrived.

This Saturday I left home for my long run. As I won´t race another half marathon soon, I decided to run 1h30 instead of the 2hs. By the 3rd km I was felling heavy, thinking seriously about going home and returning later that day to complete the session. It felt it would never end! But I kept telling me this feeling would go away and I had to continue, no matter what.

So I did and after a few kms I was better already and found the energy I needed to complete the long run feeling great. Sometimes you need to push yourself harder to achieve what you want. I´m glad I did it.

May 7th – 1h30 long run – day 05

Time: 96min // Dist: 16km //AHR:155 // Temp: 15-19C