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8K race result

How amazing is to race on a track where a few hours before racing cars were there at 300km/h? This is what I did last Saturday night. The Formula Indy was racing here in Sao Paulo and a 8K (8,2k) pedestrian race was organized after the Saturday´s practice. I raced it in 34:58.

I went there alone. None of my friends would race there, so it was time to make new friends . I arrived 1 hour before the start. I entered the track and found a place to wait while waiting for the start. There I met two guys. Both would try do it in 40min (Ademar and Jean). Great chat before the race.

The race started almost on time (3 min late) and I went for it. It was a good feeling to be running on the same track the Indy cars were before. The first lap was fine. Tried to keep the 4:15/km pace and was able to do it. What I didn´t know was the race had a “longer” km. The last km of the lap was 1,1km, and when I crossed I noticed that, I just could´t be 30s slower!

I lost a little of my focus and made a terrible mistake of going slower during the 5th and 6th km. When I realized that, I speed up and finished the 7th in 4:05 and the 8th in 4:10. Total of 34:59, 4:16/km pace and 1s behind my goal. But I´m really happy with that.

Apr 30th – 8K race
Night Race

4|04:45|184 (1,1k)
8|04:35|189 (1,1k)
Tot|34:59|183 (8,2k)

I met with those new friends and both could do it. We shared our thoughts after the race and said goodbye happy with our achievments.

It was a great day.

Ps: By the way, if it was a 10k race with this 4:16/km pace, it would be my PR.