Running loose

After the 8K race last Saturday, I stayed at my fiancée´s house and forgot my HR monitor there. So this morning I ran without knowing my bpm, only by the feeling. It was a nice run. Not worried at all and only checking my pace every km.

Looks like winter is coming. This morning was the coldest day of the year. And it´s been a terrible fight getting out of bed every day. I´m definetely not a morning person!

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My week looks like this:

Sub 45min – week 01

May 3rd – 1h easy – day 01

May 4th – 1h easy – day 02

May 5th – 5x2k @ 4:20 – day 03

May 6th – Off – day 04

May 7th – 2h long run – day 05

May 8th – 1h easy – day 06

May 9th – 1h easy – day 07