Let´s try again

Training has been very inconsistent these days. I traveled the weekend before (Aug 20 – 21st) and was able to run again last Tue. On Wed had to work late and Thu I woke up with an ingrown toenail that wouldn´t let me walk normally. Had it taken care but had to stay put for the rest of the week.

Now, I intend to start a new cycle this week and with some luck, everything will be fine from now on.


4K Time-trial

It was hard to believe after I pushed the stop button that I’ve just finished my 4k time-trial in 16:52. After 3 months of no consistent training, including a 25 day stop during my vacations,  I didn’t know I could run like this.

I went to the park decided to do my best but expecting a 5:00/km pace, as my easy runs at 6:00/km were not that easy as before. I started faster than I wanted (the 5:00/km pace) but kept going to see what would happen. After the first km I checked my watch and saw 4:12 and immediately thought I wouldn´t make it. But I´m stubborn and kept going and going. When I reached the 3rd km I was wishing it could end there.  Then I thought: “Ok, just another km, right?” So I went for it and finished very tired, reaching my limit.

Better than the final time was how consistent I could go. No more than 2 seconds from my fast km to my slowest km. This made me very happy.

The splits:

Aug 12th – 4k time-trial
Night Run
Temp: 21C


New cycle beginning today.


Recovery Training

A week later

I´ve just finished my first week of training after a long off period. I followed my plan of running 4 easy runs and a bike ride. I ran my 6k-7k runs at a pace from 5:35/km to 6:00/km and I felt it went nice, but these runs were tougher than used to be. I´m not using my heart rate monitor yet.

This week I´ll increase the distance. Now I´ll run one 7km and after it two 8k runs. On Saturday is the 4k time-trial.

Week 02

Day 01 – 7K easy

Day 02 – 8k easy

Day 03 – 8K easy

Day 04 – OFF

Day 05 – 4K time-trial

Day 06 – 8K easy or Bike

Day 07 – OFF



3 times after 3 months

I honestly didn´t remember the last time I ran 3 times consecutively. I had to open my Excel spreadsheet and check there. It was in April, during the week before my 8K race on the 30th. Then after this race, a week later, I got injured.

The feeling of being able to run again is awesome. I have a lot of work to do to recover my old performance (not that I was a fast guy, but much faster than my current turtle´s pace). But I can´t and won´t rush it.

It´s great to be back!



The Plan

I´ve discussed with TheEd how I should do my training during the following weeks: I´ll run easy for the next two weeks and then run a 4K time-trial to see where I stand.

What I plan to do is to slowly increase the distance after a few of runs. I started running 6k (35min) last Saturday and Sunday. Took a day off yesterday (Monday) and plan to run 6k for the next 3 days (Tue, Wed and Thur). Another day off on Friday and an 7k on Saturday. On Sunday another 7k or bike.

As usual, day 01 is Tuesday.

Week 01

Day 01 – 6K easy

Day 02 – 6k easy

Day 03 – 6K easy

Day 04 – OFF

Day 05 – 7K easy

Day 06 – 7K easy or Bike

Day 07 – OFF

I´ll keep icing my foot, either if I run or not.

If everything goes well this week, I´ll increase the distance of the following runs.