Falling into place

My training is finally going well. I started a 3-week cycle last week and I´ve been able to run the most important sessions of the program. I´ve been giving myself some off days after a tough session just because I´m being cautious during this cycle.

The 2000 session last Thu was nice. Did 4 reps at 4:25/km and skipped the fifth. Next cycle I´ll try the five reps. A morning long run on Sat. I Ran 15km in 1h30.  This run started tougher than it should be for the first 25 minutes. After my body woke up it became a very enjoyable run. Last Tue had my 1000 session. Six reps below 4:15. Only made a rookie mistake of not eating properly hours before and felt hungry during the session.

My training is becoming consistent lately and I hope to get the benefits of it soon. A 10k race on Oct 30th is scheduled.

Let´s run!