Recovery Training

A Cold in the way

My weekend was not was I expected to be. I had a 4k time-trial scheduled for last Saturday but I woke up that day not felling well.

The first symptoms appeared right after I woke up. Nose a little bit congested and getting worse hour after hour. On that night I was sure I got a cold.

On Sunday I woke up even worse. I was felling weak and a runny nose followed me all day.

I´m taking some medication and drinking lots of water. Will not run today (Monday) and probably not tomorrow.

Will have to rearrange my runs for this week. Let´s see what TheEd has to say.



Almost done

Build up season is almost done. I had my last run yesterday and tomorrow I should run the 4k time-trial to set the times for the 2k and 1k quality sessions.

I intend to run this time-trial below 16:30, my best time so far. I´ll do my best to achieve this and hopefully I´ll do it.

Now it´s time to rest, hydrate and eat properly.



Time to Build up

I started the Build Up program on Dec 12th. So far I have done the first cycle and now I´m during the second week (of three) of the second cycle, which should be the last. After it, a 4K time-trial.

During the three weeks of the first cycle I ran 139km in 14 runs, missing 3 of them. Not that bad considering the holiday season, right?

All these runs are done on an easy effort (as close as possible to 145bpm), so they´re light aerobic and the purpose is to get the body used to a running routine.

The easy days are ending and very soon the speed work will be back to my schedule.



2012 Goals

I was thinking a lot about my race goals this year and I decided to set two targets for each distance. The first one is to be able to repeat my best times, even if my best time is not that a big deal. The second is a little more aggressive. Let´s see.

5K race: I never entered a 5K race. Only ran during my training, so no official times here. But the starting point could be a sub 21:30. This time will give me confidence to try a sub 20:30.

10K race: My best official time is 44:45. But I ran a 9,4K race in 41:20 (projecting a 44min 10K). So, first goal is a sub44min 10K. Second goal is sub 42min.

21,1K race: Tried only once. My worst race so far. Ran out of energy and a terrible blister destroyed me past the 16th km. Result: 1h51min. Let´s try again this year starting with a sub 1h50min but really wanting a sub 1h45min.

Now it´s time to keep training according to the program. Respect the body signs to have an injury free year. Let´s see how I´ll do. 🙂



2012 Plans

I´m not a guy who likes to be racing every weekend. I good race goal keeps me motivated, but I enjoy much more the consistency of my training.

So, what I´m planning for this year: A few 10k races (4 maybe) and a couple of half marathons. I´m also likely to include a 5km race.

And how it would look like on my calendar? The 5k race on March 11th. Two weeks later, March 25th, a 10K race. Then, 3 weeks later, the half marathon on April 15th. After this, probably would go through one or two easy weeks and then get back to the running program. Still have May and June but I haven´t decided yet any races for this period.

The second semester is also not decided. The only thing sure is the date of the second half marathon I intend to race: August 5th. I have to think about other races yet. I´ll talk to my friends and see.

On my next post I´ll talk about race times.