2012 Goals

I was thinking a lot about my race goals this year and I decided to set two targets for each distance. The first one is to be able to repeat my best times, even if my best time is not that a big deal. The second is a little more aggressive. Let´s see.

5K race: I never entered a 5K race. Only ran during my training, so no official times here. But the starting point could be a sub 21:30. This time will give me confidence to try a sub 20:30.

10K race: My best official time is 44:45. But I ran a 9,4K race in 41:20 (projecting a 44min 10K). So, first goal is a sub44min 10K. Second goal is sub 42min.

21,1K race: Tried only once. My worst race so far. Ran out of energy and a terrible blister destroyed me past the 16th km. Result: 1h51min. Let´s try again this year starting with a sub 1h50min but really wanting a sub 1h45min.

Now it´s time to keep training according to the program. Respect the body signs to have an injury free year. Let´s see how I´ll do. 🙂