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Riding in Sao Paulo (4)

Visiting Villa Lobos

Villa Lobos Park

We had a grey Sunday. As you saw from the picture above, our Easter wasn’t warm, it was wet. Like I normally do on Sundays now, I grabbed my bike and left for a ride. This time I wanted to take pictures from Villa Lobos park. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate and the pictures would be much prettier if we had had a sunny day.

I don’t go to often there. Lately, only when I’m with my bike I get to go to Villa Lobos. Mostly because I live near Ibirapuera’s Park enough to go running as a warm up. But this park is really beautiful and wide.

You have the bike path apart from the running path. But it does’t mean you’ll find people running along with the bikes. The main reason would be the length of the bike path (3,5km) vs the length of the running path (0,7km, 1,4km or 2,15km). Also, some parts of the running path is made of concrete, wich is not the best surface for running.

Bike path on the left. Running path on the right.
Walking/Running path

It has a wide green area with a lot of sport courts (tennis, basketball, soccer, etc).

Bike path near a sports court.

Even though it was a perfect day to stay at home, some people decided to go outdoors and have some exercise.

Some people at Villa Lobos

When winter arrives, we’ll have plenty of sunny days and I’ll take new pictures from all these parks. Next Sunday I’ll go to Parque das Bicicletas (Bike’s Park), a tiny park near Ibirapuera. Then, I’ll have shown all the parks that are connect through the Ciclofaixa (exclusive lane for bikes on the streets) that is operational on Sundays here in Sao Paulo. Have a nice week.

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Bike Training

Riding in Sao Paulo (3)

You probably noticed I changed the blog’s header. The new image is from Ibirapuera’s park. This is my road. It’s where I go 5-6 times a week to run. But for the first time I was there with my bike, and it was nice to ride there. They have recently repaired the asphalt and painted the bike path, so everything is new and it’s perfect for running or cycling. The repair is not 100% completed, but it should be soon. I stil hope they’ll put km markers that weren’t present before.

This is my road

I grabbed my bike today and went to the park to take some pictures. I was looking for a new image for the blog and I think it was nice the one I chose. Today was a cloudy day, temperature around 20C and no sign of the Sun.

Early morning at Ibirapuera

It has rained the night before and not too many people decided to wake up early this Sunday and go there. On a sunny day, it get’s really crowded and it becomes very difficult to run.

Lake area at Ibirapuera

The park is not the biggest of the city but it’s considered to be the most famous one. It has:

  • The Museum of Contemporary Art
  • The Museum of Modern Art
  • A sports gymnasium
  • a cooper track, volley/basket courts
  • and much more…

There are lots of attractions there that I still haven’t been. So many places to visit and take pictures that one post is not enough.

Ibirapuera's Park

Today I discovered there’s a bike rental service there. It’s located near Gate 3. So, if you ever come here and want to get a bike and enjoy the park, you know where to look for.

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Bike Training

Riding in Sao Paulo (2)

Visiting Parque do Povo

Parque do Povo (or People’s Park, free translated) is located almost halfway between Ibirapuera’s Park and Villa Lobos Park. The Ciclofaixa (exclusive lane for bikes) on Sundays connects theses parks and you’re able to ride safely through the streets of Sao Paulo.

Parque do Povo

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It has an area of 112 thousand squared meter with a 1,3km bike path and 1,6km walk path.

Bike path at Parque do Povo
Bike path

As you can see, the bike path is not too large, so you have be careful while riding here, specially when there’s a lot of people.

Dawn at Parque do Povo
Riding in the park

You can also make a quick stop and exercise.

Some people exercising

Next time I’ll show how the other parks look like. You’ll see Ibirapuera’s Park, Villa Lobos Park and Parque das Bicicletas (Bike’s Park).

Have a nice week. 🙂

Bike Training

Riding in Sao Paulo

Sunday has become bike day. Since I got my bike, on an event last month that celebrated the city´s anniversary (you enter the event and get a nice bike for you), I decided to ride on Sundays.

Why on Sundays? First, because according to my current training schedule, it´s an easy run day (it can be easily replaced by a bike ride). Second, and most important, one lane of certain streets/avenues (those that connect one park to the other) becomes exclusive for bikes (from 7am – 2pm), plus traffic is very low.

Bike path connecing Ibirapuera´s Park (red line) to Villa-Lobos Park (green line)
Bike exclusive lane on a Sunday

From where I live (near Ibirapuera´s Park) to Villa-Lobos Park (passing through Parque do Povo) is 11,6km long. You´re able to ride on a flat path most of the way (you go through one tunnel) and enjoy the view of the big city riding on a safe lane, not having to worry with the heavy traffic you see on week days.

Riding towards Villa-Lobos Park
I`m enjoying a lot my Sunday mornings. Sometimes it´s good to try a different sport.
Riding at Villa-Lobos Park
Next time I go, I´ll take more pictures to show how Sao Paulo looks on a Sunday morning from a bike´s point of view.