Running food

I’m running as much as I wanted now. I’m still recovering from a tendonitis and won’t have too much time from this Friday on because I’ll be travelling abroad for 20 days. So, not much to say here about running, right?

That’s why this time I wanted to put a recipe here. A dish I like doing and it very easy to prepare. It’s an Orecchiette with sausage (Orechiette is a type of pasta and it looks like a shell).

Orecchiette with sausage


All you need is:

Orechiette pasta

Pork sausage

Cherry tomatoes


Olive oil

Oregano, Basil, etc


It’s very simple to prepare. You start by frying the sausage and slicing it after it’s done. Meanwhile, you steam the broccoli (slice it after done) and cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Also, boil the water for the pasta and make sure to prepare it after everything else is done.

Sliced sausage

When the pasta is done, put everything in the pan (sausage, broccoli, tomato), add some olive oil, oregano and basil. I don’t add salt, but you can if needed. That’s it!

The result is very nice!

Enjoy your meal!




On April 10th we celebrated our sixth year together as a couple. Dates like this are a good opportunity to visit a new restaurant in the city. This time we went to Nonno Ruggero, one of the restaurants of Fasano.

No reservations made so we left my house a little early in order to avoid waiting for a table. The strategy did work and a table for two was available at a nice place at the restaurant, near the salad buffet! 🙂

We chose a bottle of red wine and went to the buffet table to serve. We got some tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, lettuce, parmesan cheese, peaches, parma ham, palm tree etc.

Salad buffet

After another round of this delicious things, we got the menu to order our dish.

Here’s something curious about ourselves: we never order the same dish. Why? Just to taste two different dishes of the menu.

My dish: sirloin with mashed potatoes

Her dish: Vitelo milanesa with saffron risoto

Both dishes were nicely done, tasted beautifully and made this day even better than it was so far.


Food I like – Burger

Our favorite recipe for burger

One of the things I like doing, besides running, is having a good meal. Sometimes I go to a restaurant or a snack bar, sometimes I do it at home.

Last weekend I would go to the beach, instead I had to stay and work during Saturday. Before knowing my plans had failed, my fianceé went to the supermarket and bought us food for that weekend. We wanted to have a nice burger sandwich.

She bought a 200g rump steak burger, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. This is our basic and favorite combination. No eggs, bacon, etc. Just that.

You grill the burger, melt the cheese on it, chop the tomatoes and lettuce. Put on a nice bread and eat.

Food Training Travelling

A 5K, an ended vacation and a sandwich

Now I’m back to Sao Paulo. My brief vacation is over and it was a nice time spent with family. Had a small trip and got to know a new city. But my running wasn’t what I expected.

I didn’t have the 2k and 1k sessions I hoped for. Fortunately, finished this period with a consistent 5k paced run at the tough track in the park back in my hometown.

For this run I ran clockwise. This time, I didn’t face a 2k uphill at the beginning and they became 2k downhill. But the 1st km is also uphill when running clockwise and after it you have a flat part followed by a small downhill.

I ran controlling my effort: was slower when going up and faster when going down.

See the splits:

Mar 19th – 5k paced below 22:30

01|04:47|163 (mostly uphill)
02|04:34|180 (uphill/downhill)
03|04:30|185 (uphill/downhill)
04|04:17|184 (mostly downhill)
05|04:16|187 (mostly downhill)

At this point you might be asking: What about that sandwich in the title? The sandwich was a snack served during yesterday’s flight that made sick and I could barely sleep. Couldn’t run or go to work today. Spent most of the time in the bathroom (don’t worry: no further details are given :)). Right now I’m feeling much better and hopefully will be completely recovered by tomorrow. And if I run, will be an easy one, no more than 40 minutes. There’s a 10k race this weekend and I was hoping for a sub 45min. I hope I’m there by Sunday.


Weekly Reward

Berrie Lemonade and Crushed Lemonade
Berrie Lemonade and Crushed Lemonade

One of the best things when you live in a big city is the variety of places where you can go to eat. I read the other day that here in Sao Paulo there are more than 12,5 thousand restaurants. It means you could go to a different one every day for the next 34 years!

Last Saturday I visited the St. Louis. Some people consider this place a must-go if you love hamburgers. I’ve read excellent reviews about them and finally decided to go. I didn’t have to say much to my girlfriend to convince her. She shares my taste for meat.

Below there’s a picture of the burger I ordered. It’s my prize after a week of hard training, right?

BB Burger
BB Burger: 220g burger stuffed with Gorgonzola cheese, stewed mushrooms, crispy bacon and rocket leafs.

By the way: delicious burger and I´ll definitely come back again.