Race Training

8K race result

How amazing is to race on a track where a few hours before racing cars were there at 300km/h? This is what I did last Saturday night. The Formula Indy was racing here in Sao Paulo and a 8K (8,2k) pedestrian race was organized after the Saturday´s practice. I raced it in 34:58.

I went there alone. None of my friends would race there, so it was time to make new friends . I arrived 1 hour before the start. I entered the track and found a place to wait while waiting for the start. There I met two guys. Both would try do it in 40min (Ademar and Jean). Great chat before the race.

The race started almost on time (3 min late) and I went for it. It was a good feeling to be running on the same track the Indy cars were before. The first lap was fine. Tried to keep the 4:15/km pace and was able to do it. What I didn´t know was the race had a “longer” km. The last km of the lap was 1,1km, and when I crossed I noticed that, I just could´t be 30s slower!

I lost a little of my focus and made a terrible mistake of going slower during the 5th and 6th km. When I realized that, I speed up and finished the 7th in 4:05 and the 8th in 4:10. Total of 34:59, 4:16/km pace and 1s behind my goal. But I´m really happy with that.

Apr 30th – 8K race
Night Race

4|04:45|184 (1,1k)
8|04:35|189 (1,1k)
Tot|34:59|183 (8,2k)

I met with those new friends and both could do it. We shared our thoughts after the race and said goodbye happy with our achievments.

It was a great day.

Ps: By the way, if it was a 10k race with this 4:16/km pace, it would be my PR.

Race Training

A half marathon later…

And I ran my first half marathon this Sunday.  I ran it in 1h51 but wanted 1h45. It was a nice experience, especially because I had never raced over 10km before.

It was nice morning here. At the start, it was 17C and I placed myself not exactly where I wanted. It was crowded and I lost half a minute over the first km. I planned to run at 5:00/km and could do it up to the 12th km. After that I started to feel a little slow and maintained a 5:15/km over the next 4km.

After 16km, my average pace was near 5:10/km. Then, everything became extremely difficult. The legs didn’t respond and to complicate ever more, a blister on my right foot started to slow me even more. The temperature was higher, not sure how much and the pain from the blister increased a lot. At the 18th I slowed down and walked a little, at the 19th I had to walk again to relieve some of the pain. Then I dragged myself over the last 2km to finish the race. My last 4km were done at 6:00/km on average.

Like I said before. It was a nice experience. I just wanted it to be a little easier in the end.  I’m now planning to race a night 8km race on April 30th.  It’s exactly a cycle away from today. I’m also considering another half marathon in August. Let’s see…


10k race result – Track&Field Run Series

Yesterday I had my 10k race and finished in 47:58. Not exactly what I had in mind, but it was a reasonable result, considering it was a warm day. I ran with 3 friends and all of them finished between 45min and 46min, they also hoped for a sub45.

I could keep the pace I wanted only for the first 3km, after it I got slower, no matter how hard I tried to push. Between the 5th and 6th km we crossed a bridge, so there´s an uphill here. We doubled back and between the 6th and 7th we crossed on the other side of this bridge. I felt some dizziness after these two uphill parts, but it was gone right after and I kept going. I had some energy left for a small sprint near the finish line.

Here´s the splits:

Mar 27th – 10k race


AHR: average heart rate

Only after the race I checked my pulse and saw that from the 4th km I was near my limit. My watch even registered 9min38s of pulse above 190 (as it was my max HR).

Now, next race is the half marathon on April 10th. I´ll start a new cycle tomorrow.


Tomorrow is Race day!

And tomorrow is the day. First race of the year is a 10k race that I’m used to (Track&Field Run Series – Shopping Villa-Lobos). I ran it four times before. My best time is something around 47 minutes. It’s 3 minutes far from my best time. Although I like this race I don’t remember racing it on ideal conditions. It was either a warm day or I haven’t trained enough for it.

Tomorrow is expected to be a warm day. My training during the last 3-week cycle was not good so, nothing new, right? Enough of excuses, this time I’ve been training in the morning since last December, almost four months.  I’ll be racing with some friends that have a pace similar to mine. We’re probably going to start together but not likely to finish together. We’re on different phases of training. We’re all excited about this race, and tomorrow I’ll come back to tell.