Recovery Training

A Cold in the way

My weekend was not was I expected to be. I had a 4k time-trial scheduled for last Saturday but I woke up that day not felling well.

The first symptoms appeared right after I woke up. Nose a little bit congested and getting worse hour after hour. On that night I was sure I got a cold.

On Sunday I woke up even worse. I was felling weak and a runny nose followed me all day.

I´m taking some medication and drinking lots of water. Will not run today (Monday) and probably not tomorrow.

Will have to rearrange my runs for this week. Let´s see what TheEd has to say.


Recovery Training

A week later

I´ve just finished my first week of training after a long off period. I followed my plan of running 4 easy runs and a bike ride. I ran my 6k-7k runs at a pace from 5:35/km to 6:00/km and I felt it went nice, but these runs were tougher than used to be. I´m not using my heart rate monitor yet.

This week I´ll increase the distance. Now I´ll run one 7km and after it two 8k runs. On Saturday is the 4k time-trial.

Week 02

Day 01 – 7K easy

Day 02 – 8k easy

Day 03 – 8K easy

Day 04 – OFF

Day 05 – 4K time-trial

Day 06 – 8K easy or Bike

Day 07 – OFF



Almost there

After a small confusion at the clinic, when they forgot to schedule my phisio sessions for last week, I started this morning with the first one of five this week.

I´m feeling almost recovered, even thought of not going to the clinic but decided I wanted to get better faster. I still keep icing the area everyday (2-3 times a day) and it´s been helpful too.

I´m running 2 times plus a bike ride on Sunday. So, only 9 times since I returned from my trip. It means when I return, I´ll have a lot of work to do to get fit again.


Recovery Training

Small steps

This is the second time I´m going through a recovery season after an injury. First (in Nov/09) was my achilles. Some phisio sessions, ice and exercises for a few weeks and I was back in the game.

This time is different. I stayed 25 days without any running during my vacation. Before that, ran 4 times in 15 days. I never stayed this long without some consistent running since I started running.

Last week I ran 3 easy 5k-6k runs, Tue, Thur and Sun, and was also taking anti inflammatories prescribed by my orto.

This week I intend to run 3 times again (Tue, Thur and Sat) and cycling on Sunday.  Now, without the pills effect, I´ll have a better idea on how´s my recovery going. So far, while walking, I don´t even remember that my left anterior tibial tendon is/was injured.

Let´s hope for the best!