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Since June 3rd I’ve been traveling on vacation with my fiancee. We started our trip in Madrid. Today we’re in Barcelona, but headed to Paris tomorrow morning.
I haven’t been able to run, but I’m walking a lot! My left foot still hurts sometimes. I believe I’ll have to go through a longer recovery than I wanted.
Anyway, I stay in Paris until the 18th, then I go to London, returning to Brazil on the 23rd.
I’m posting some pictures on my personal Twitter account, so my family an friends can follow my trip. It’s in Portuguese, but you still can see the pictures!

My Twitter account

When I return, I’ll post some pictures here describing this trip.

Ps: sorry for any mistakes, posting from my mobile phone.

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A 5K, an ended vacation and a sandwich

Now I’m back to Sao Paulo. My brief vacation is over and it was a nice time spent with family. Had a small trip and got to know a new city. But my running wasn’t what I expected.

I didn’t have the 2k and 1k sessions I hoped for. Fortunately, finished this period with a consistent 5k paced run at the tough track in the park back in my hometown.

For this run I ran clockwise. This time, I didn’t face a 2k uphill at the beginning and they became 2k downhill. But the 1st km is also uphill when running clockwise and after it you have a flat part followed by a small downhill.

I ran controlling my effort: was slower when going up and faster when going down.

See the splits:

Mar 19th – 5k paced below 22:30

01|04:47|163 (mostly uphill)
02|04:34|180 (uphill/downhill)
03|04:30|185 (uphill/downhill)
04|04:17|184 (mostly downhill)
05|04:16|187 (mostly downhill)

At this point you might be asking: What about that sandwich in the title? The sandwich was a snack served during yesterday’s flight that made sick and I could barely sleep. Couldn’t run or go to work today. Spent most of the time in the bathroom (don’t worry: no further details are given :)). Right now I’m feeling much better and hopefully will be completely recovered by tomorrow. And if I run, will be an easy one, no more than 40 minutes. There’s a 10k race this weekend and I was hoping for a sub 45min. I hope I’m there by Sunday.

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Carnival and a small vacation

Carnival at Rio de Janeiro

Many people here wait for this time of the year because they want to party during the Carnival holiday. It’s the biggest festival here and you probably heard of it.

I enjoyed it much more when I was a teenager. Today, I like it because of the fact I don’t have to work from Mon thru Wed, returning only Thu. But I also got 10 days off from work and now using it to visit my family in my hometown (almost 600km from Sao Paulo). I’ll stay here until March 20th.

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Luckily, my right calf is better and I’ll be able to start a new cycle tomorrow. And here there are some nice places to run.