Weekly Reward

Berrie Lemonade and Crushed Lemonade
Berrie Lemonade and Crushed Lemonade

One of the best things when you live in a big city is the variety of places where you can go to eat. I read the other day that here in Sao Paulo there are more than 12,5 thousand restaurants. It means you could go to a different one every day for the next 34 years!

Last Saturday I visited the St. Louis. Some people consider this place a must-go if you love hamburgers. I’ve read excellent reviews about them and finally decided to go. I didn’t have to say much to my girlfriend to convince her. She shares my taste for meat.

Below there’s a picture of the burger I ordered. It’s my prize after a week of hard training, right?

BB Burger
BB Burger: 220g burger stuffed with Gorgonzola cheese, stewed mushrooms, crispy bacon and rocket leafs.

By the way: delicious burger and I´ll definitely come back again.


The adaptation process

Morning runs are not easy for me. Never were. I feel more comfortable when I race at night. Why? I ask my body every time. My average heart rate is higher, I feel tired earlier, and everything seems to work against me. All races I enter happen in the morning, so because of that I decided to change my training hours.

Since last December I moved my runs to the morning, hoping that my body will adapt, so I’ll be able to have the same performance I have when running at night.

Today I had a 5K paced Run. This session is one of my favorites of the program. It gives me the opportunity to assess my performance and to have an idea of how fast I can go on a 10k race.

Today’s run wasn’t the best one. By the 3rd km I was hoping it would end soon. I managed to finish it, even sub 22:30 like it was supposed to, but felt more like a time-trial than a tempo run.

The adaptation process is slow, but I’m sure it will pay off.

5K Paced Run

Temp:22C at 7:30am

1 04:32 168
2 04:28 182
3 04:30 184
4 04:28 186
5 04:20 191
Tot 22:18 182


Blessed Rest

Waking up early was an everyday fight for me. Only recently I started with morning runs (I´ll talk more about it another time) and getting out of bed is not an easy task. It used to be harder two months ago, but now feels more natural. Ok, not that natural.

It´s summer on this side of the Equator, the Sun is already shinning and the temperature is around 20C when I´m out by 6:30am.  If under this conditions I´m here complaining, I don´t want to see what´s gonna happen when winter arrives.

Why am I saying all this? Because today is rest day from my training program and I got to sleep 30 minutes more today. Blessed rest day.

Tomorrow I have a 5k paced run, which should be done below 22:30. It shall not be a problem.


It´s been 2 years

Now I realized that tomorrow (Feb 4th) is 2 years since my first post at Time-to-Run. I had never been coached before. I was a runner, I mean, I used to put my shoes and hit the road and run depending on how I was felling. One day I had the idea of looking for a training program.  With Google to help me I started my search, trying in Portuguese and in English. Going through the results, I found Time-to-Run 10k programs. Digging a little more, found the Forum area.  Read a few threads and decided to create my own to follow the program and TheEd´s advice.

Two years later, hundreds of Kms behind me, I improved a lot as a runner. But I want more, much more. I´ve just started my running career. 2 years is just the beginning.

You can follow my thread clicking here.