Jan 2012 sum up

And January is gone, not the way I wanted, without running the last four days because of the cold I got over the weekend.

Build up cycle finished and this month I ran 168km and rode my bike for another 160km.

Now that I´m better from this cold I will run tonight an easy 45min and keep my eye on my bpms. Might do the same tomorrow and try the 4k time-trial this weekend.


Recovery Training

A Cold in the way

My weekend was not was I expected to be. I had a 4k time-trial scheduled for last Saturday but I woke up that day not felling well.

The first symptoms appeared right after I woke up. Nose a little bit congested and getting worse hour after hour. On that night I was sure I got a cold.

On Sunday I woke up even worse. I was felling weak and a runny nose followed me all day.

I´m taking some medication and drinking lots of water. Will not run today (Monday) and probably not tomorrow.

Will have to rearrange my runs for this week. Let´s see what TheEd has to say.



Almost done

Build up season is almost done. I had my last run yesterday and tomorrow I should run the 4k time-trial to set the times for the 2k and 1k quality sessions.

I intend to run this time-trial below 16:30, my best time so far. I´ll do my best to achieve this and hopefully I´ll do it.

Now it´s time to rest, hydrate and eat properly.



Time to Build up

I started the Build Up program on Dec 12th. So far I have done the first cycle and now I´m during the second week (of three) of the second cycle, which should be the last. After it, a 4K time-trial.

During the three weeks of the first cycle I ran 139km in 14 runs, missing 3 of them. Not that bad considering the holiday season, right?

All these runs are done on an easy effort (as close as possible to 145bpm), so they´re light aerobic and the purpose is to get the body used to a running routine.

The easy days are ending and very soon the speed work will be back to my schedule.



2012 Goals

I was thinking a lot about my race goals this year and I decided to set two targets for each distance. The first one is to be able to repeat my best times, even if my best time is not that a big deal. The second is a little more aggressive. Let´s see.

5K race: I never entered a 5K race. Only ran during my training, so no official times here. But the starting point could be a sub 21:30. This time will give me confidence to try a sub 20:30.

10K race: My best official time is 44:45. But I ran a 9,4K race in 41:20 (projecting a 44min 10K). So, first goal is a sub44min 10K. Second goal is sub 42min.

21,1K race: Tried only once. My worst race so far. Ran out of energy and a terrible blister destroyed me past the 16th km. Result: 1h51min. Let´s try again this year starting with a sub 1h50min but really wanting a sub 1h45min.

Now it´s time to keep training according to the program. Respect the body signs to have an injury free year. Let´s see how I´ll do. 🙂