My best 5K

Last night I ran 5K at a pace I want for my 8K race next Saturday, on April 30th. It’ll be a night race and I decided to run at the same time, around 7pm.

Yesterday was a warm day. I left home at 6:30pm and while headed to park I could see that the temperature was 27C. Another thing I knew was I would run while the park still had a lot of people, so plenty of attention not to stumble with the others.

When I got there, after 11min of easy run, I prepared myself to start. My first km was a little slower (4:21), still trying to find the correct pace. The second was exactly what I wanted. Third and fourth a little faster (4:10) as I was feeling ok and the last one I keept the pace (4:10) and could finish at a time 10s faster (21:05) my goal (21:15).

It was a tough end, mostly because of the warm day. I could probably continue for another 3k, but not at 4:10 pace. A 4:15 pace seems more likely and this is I’ll try next Saturday.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that this 5k was my fastest 5k so far. Before I was always running in the morning near a 4:25 pace to see how fit I was for a morning 10k. Great thing!

April 23rd – 5K paced below 22:30 – day 12

01 04:21 162
02 04:15 180
03 04:10 183
04 04:09 185
05 04:10 187
Tot 21:05 179
AHR: Average Heart Rate
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A 5K, an ended vacation and a sandwich

Now I’m back to Sao Paulo. My brief vacation is over and it was a nice time spent with family. Had a small trip and got to know a new city. But my running wasn’t what I expected.

I didn’t have the 2k and 1k sessions I hoped for. Fortunately, finished this period with a consistent 5k paced run at the tough track in the park back in my hometown.

For this run I ran clockwise. This time, I didn’t face a 2k uphill at the beginning and they became 2k downhill. But the 1st km is also uphill when running clockwise and after it you have a flat part followed by a small downhill.

I ran controlling my effort: was slower when going up and faster when going down.

See the splits:

Mar 19th – 5k paced below 22:30

01|04:47|163 (mostly uphill)
02|04:34|180 (uphill/downhill)
03|04:30|185 (uphill/downhill)
04|04:17|184 (mostly downhill)
05|04:16|187 (mostly downhill)

At this point you might be asking: What about that sandwich in the title? The sandwich was a snack served during yesterday’s flight that made sick and I could barely sleep. Couldn’t run or go to work today. Spent most of the time in the bathroom (don’t worry: no further details are given :)). Right now I’m feeling much better and hopefully will be completely recovered by tomorrow. And if I run, will be an easy one, no more than 40 minutes. There’s a 10k race this weekend and I was hoping for a sub 45min. I hope I’m there by Sunday.


A warm 5k paced run

On this weekend I went to Guaruja, a beach city near Sao Paulo. We go there everytime we can, especially when there’s good chances of a sunny weekend. This time wasn’t different.

Guaruja - Street where I ran the 5k paced

A warm Saturday was waiting for me, and I had a 5k run to be done under 22:30. We stay there only 3 blocks from the beach, so I used this distance and a little more as warm up. But I wasn’t going to run on the sand as I normally do on easy runs, because I don’t have a GPS watch and wouldn’t know for sure when to stop. I used Map my Run to measure 2,5k from my starting point and the result was very similar to the 10k race that happens there (it’s two 5k laps) and used the bike path.

I started and found a comfortable pace. Luckily, there are some trees along the way and ran under a blessed shadow for some moments.

My comfortable pace was a just little slower and I noticed it only when I reached my 2,5k mark, I was 10 seconds behind. No big deal, I thought. At that point I saw one of those street clocks showing 28C. I speed up a bit and kept going, only now the heat was making feel tired. Praying for some trees, I reached them and continued up to my starting point: 22:29.

After the run, I realized it wasn’t as tough as my first 5k this year. And could confirm that checking my heart rate, 173bpm average vs 181bpm 3 weeks before under a nicer temperature. Apparently, things are working well here.

Below, some pictures of the beach I go and run.

Enseada beach (1 of 4)
Enseada beach (2 of 4)
Enseada beach (3 of 4)
Enseada beach (4 of 4)


The adaptation process

Morning runs are not easy for me. Never were. I feel more comfortable when I race at night. Why? I ask my body every time. My average heart rate is higher, I feel tired earlier, and everything seems to work against me. All races I enter happen in the morning, so because of that I decided to change my training hours.

Since last December I moved my runs to the morning, hoping that my body will adapt, so I’ll be able to have the same performance I have when running at night.

Today I had a 5K paced Run. This session is one of my favorites of the program. It gives me the opportunity to assess my performance and to have an idea of how fast I can go on a 10k race.

Today’s run wasn’t the best one. By the 3rd km I was hoping it would end soon. I managed to finish it, even sub 22:30 like it was supposed to, but felt more like a time-trial than a tempo run.

The adaptation process is slow, but I’m sure it will pay off.

5K Paced Run

Temp:22C at 7:30am

1 04:32 168
2 04:28 182
3 04:30 184
4 04:28 186
5 04:20 191
Tot 22:18 182