2K, too warm

Last Thursday I had my 2K quality session. My goal was to complete the 5 reps in the same time of the last session, 3 weeks earlier.

Mar 1st – 5x2k @ 4:25km
Night Run

warm up: 2k
cool down: 3k


AHR= Average Heart Rate
MHR= Max Heart Rate
RHR= Rest Heart Rate (Average)
mHR= Min Heart Rate

It was a great session, considering it was a warm day. The felling after it was that I had something in the tank for a slightly faster pace. In 3 weeks I´ll try that.



Speed work is back

Yesterday I had my first quality session of this year. Based on the result of my 4k time-trial, the session would be a 5x2k at 4:25min/km with 90s rest.

I knew it would be tough. After 9 weeks of Off Period and Build Up without any quality session, the first one is always tougher. Add to this a warm week. The temperature during training time is around 27C to 30C. Result: I could run 4 reps.

1 08:46 173 187 161 139
2 08:46 179 187 163 139
3 08:48 182 191 170 146
4 08:51 184 194 170 144
5 00:00 000 000 000 000
Tot 35:11 144 152 133 114

AHR= Average Heart Rate
MHR= Max Heart Rate
RHR= Rest Heart Rate (Average)
mHR= Min Heart Rate

Tomorrow is a 2h long run. Then, Bike ride on Sunday. Cool weekend, right?



Body signs

I´m not sure what´s going on right now. My 2k session yesterday was far from being my best session. This is the second consecutive time I didn´t have the strength to do the last rep. Three weeks before I had a good reason. I was working a lot and didn´t have time to rest or sleep properly. But yesterday, apparently, everything was fine.

I didn´t run the day before, slept well and woke up decided to finish the session. ButBody  for some reason I was feeling heavy and not matter what I tried I couldn´t keep the pace during the 4th rep and didn´t have the energy for another one.

Maybe it´s because I spent some time without doing any speed work in the morning. Maybe it´s just my body telling me to take a break soon. I don´t know. Let´s see the how things go the next days.

May 5th – 5x2k @ 4:20/km – day 03

Rep Time AHR RHR MinHR
1 08:37 177 157 136
2 08:43 177 ? 146
3 08:40 175 170 155
4 08:55 174 174 156
Tot 34:55 176 167

AHR: average heart rate, RHR: average rest heart rate


A boost of confidence

My training is going really well this week. After a not so god race, my first two 1h runs this week were at a faster pace while keeping the same heart rate. Then I had the 2k session. I would normally run in the morning, but I had a commitment an Thur morning I couldn’t postpone, so I had the session at night. And it was a great session. I felt it controlled all the way, even had to slow down a bit to complete each rep at programmed pace.

My watch doesn’t record max or min heart rate and this time I wanted to know my min heart rate, in order to see how well I was recovering between reps. During the 90s rest, I kept my eyes on the watch and memorized my heart beat a few seconds before start running again. The result was good. It was a clear indication that I was recovered from felling sick the previous week.

Mar 31st – 5x2k @ 4:20/km – day 03

Rep Time AHR RHR MinHR
01 08:40 168 153 134
02 08:39 175 155 136
03 08:40 175 159 141
04 08:39 175 162 144
05 08:35 177 163 148
Tot 43:13 174 158
AHR: average heart rate, RHR: average rest heart rate

This session, done at night, was easier than when I do it in the morning. Next time, I’ll do it in the morning, as I want to adapt better for my early runs.

This Sat morning I had my 2h long run. Normally I run at an easy pace that is between 6:20/km – 6:30km, but this time I was a bit faster, ran it at 6:00/km. The best part, my average heart rate was the lowest so far, 154.

I hope things continue well the coming week and I’ll be in good shape for my half marathon on April 10th.