140 bpm is number I´m trying to reach on my easy runs. So far, it has been always above it, normally between 145 and 150. It´s no big deal, but it would be a great sign of improvement if I could run at current pace and reach 140bpm as average.

After 39 days (30 runs) running in the morning, I ran last night. Result: 141bpm at easy pace. Ok, it was only one run, but this is what I look for my morning runs.

Today my performance on morning runs has improved, I just can´t say if it´s as good as on night runs. I have a 10k race 30 days from today. Then we´ll see.


Nice and easy

Today´s run was an easy 1h. Everyday, after I wake up, I wonder how easy this morning run will be. TheEd (my mentor on Time-to-Run) recommends that an easy run for me would be one with an average heart rate around 145-140. It means running at a 6:15/km – 6:30/km pace. Very easy, right?

Today I was apprehensive because yesterday I was feeling tired and instead of the usual 1h I ran 45 minutes. I was probably tired because of the gym workout the day before (it was very warm then).

When I left home, I quickly noticed that it would be a good day. Heart rate was low even after a short hill on the way to the park. Kept checking if it was still low and “speed up” a bit, reaching the 6:15/km most of the time.

Runs like this keep me hoping that my body is adapting to morning runs. One short step at a time, but always forward.

Feb 10th – 1h easy – Day17
9,5km at 6:19/km / AHR:146
Temp: 23C at 6:30am