How´s the Weather on your side?

It´s summer here. As you probably know, this is a tropical country and we don´t have snow or low temperatures like in Europe or North America. So, high temperatures (above 30C – 86F) are very common here this time of the year.

The following picture was taken yesterday, during my lunch time.

Warm day in Sao Paulo

On Jan 28th, I went to Guarujá (a coast city near Sao Paulo) for the weekend (it´s always good to leave the big city and enjoy the Sun and the sand :)). I had a 2h long run the next day and organized myself to wake up early because I knew it would be a warm day. The only thing I didn´t expected was a 32C at 8am! I was still in the middle of the run and started feeling very tired. Was at an easy pace but it felt like a quality session how hard it had become. Unfortunately I had to stop. The only good thing about it was that I started enjoying the beach 1h earlier.

Luckly, Sao Paulo is not warm as Guarujá. But it´s far from being chilli.