A boost of confidence

My training is going really well this week. After a not so god race, my first two 1h runs this week were at a faster pace while keeping the same heart rate. Then I had the 2k session. I would normally run in the morning, but I had a commitment an Thur morning I couldn’t postpone, so I had the session at night. And it was a great session. I felt it controlled all the way, even had to slow down a bit to complete each rep at programmed pace.

My watch doesn’t record max or min heart rate and this time I wanted to know my min heart rate, in order to see how well I was recovering between reps. During the 90s rest, I kept my eyes on the watch and memorized my heart beat a few seconds before start running again. The result was good. It was a clear indication that I was recovered from felling sick the previous week.

Mar 31st – 5x2k @ 4:20/km – day 03

Rep Time AHR RHR MinHR
01 08:40 168 153 134
02 08:39 175 155 136
03 08:40 175 159 141
04 08:39 175 162 144
05 08:35 177 163 148
Tot 43:13 174 158
AHR: average heart rate, RHR: average rest heart rate

This session, done at night, was easier than when I do it in the morning. Next time, I’ll do it in the morning, as I want to adapt better for my early runs.

This Sat morning I had my 2h long run. Normally I run at an easy pace that is between 6:20/km – 6:30km, but this time I was a bit faster, ran it at 6:00/km. The best part, my average heart rate was the lowest so far, 154.

I hope things continue well the coming week and I’ll be in good shape for my half marathon on April 10th.


Long Run

My last long run was interrupted because it was too warm that day on the beach. Today, under 23C most of the time, I was able to have an enjoyable 2-hour run in the park.

I left home a little later than normally do on weekdays (I’m allowed to sleep longer, right?) and started running headed to the park. There, I normally have two choices: run on the 3k asphalt track or 6k trail. As it’s been raining these days, I decided not to run on the track because it would be slippery.  The only “problem” is running 5 laps over the same path (it can get a little boring sometimes). On the other hand, as I don’t own a GPS watch, I can keep track of my pace without any problems.

The run itself was very nice. I really like starting a weekend like this.

Feb 19th – 2h long run – Day 05
18,8km at 6:23/km / AHR:150
Temp: 23C at 7:15am


How´s the Weather on your side?

It´s summer here. As you probably know, this is a tropical country and we don´t have snow or low temperatures like in Europe or North America. So, high temperatures (above 30C – 86F) are very common here this time of the year.

The following picture was taken yesterday, during my lunch time.

Warm day in Sao Paulo

On Jan 28th, I went to Guarujá (a coast city near Sao Paulo) for the weekend (it´s always good to leave the big city and enjoy the Sun and the sand :)). I had a 2h long run the next day and organized myself to wake up early because I knew it would be a warm day. The only thing I didn´t expected was a 32C at 8am! I was still in the middle of the run and started feeling very tired. Was at an easy pace but it felt like a quality session how hard it had become. Unfortunately I had to stop. The only good thing about it was that I started enjoying the beach 1h earlier.

Luckly, Sao Paulo is not warm as Guarujá. But it´s far from being chilli.