The adaptation process

Morning runs are not easy for me. Never were. I feel more comfortable when I race at night. Why? I ask my body every time. My average heart rate is higher, I feel tired earlier, and everything seems to work against me. All races I enter happen in the morning, so because of that I decided to change my training hours.

Since last December I moved my runs to the morning, hoping that my body will adapt, so I’ll be able to have the same performance I have when running at night.

Today I had a 5K paced Run. This session is one of my favorites of the program. It gives me the opportunity to assess my performance and to have an idea of how fast I can go on a 10k race.

Today’s run wasn’t the best one. By the 3rd km I was hoping it would end soon. I managed to finish it, even sub 22:30 like it was supposed to, but felt more like a time-trial than a tempo run.

The adaptation process is slow, but I’m sure it will pay off.

5K Paced Run

Temp:22C at 7:30am

1 04:32 168
2 04:28 182
3 04:30 184
4 04:28 186
5 04:20 191
Tot 22:18 182