2012 Plans

I´m not a guy who likes to be racing every weekend. I good race goal keeps me motivated, but I enjoy much more the consistency of my training.

So, what I´m planning for this year: A few 10k races (4 maybe) and a couple of half marathons. I´m also likely to include a 5km race.

And how it would look like on my calendar? The 5k race on March 11th. Two weeks later, March 25th, a 10K race. Then, 3 weeks later, the half marathon on April 15th. After this, probably would go through one or two easy weeks and then get back to the running program. Still have May and June but I haven´t decided yet any races for this period.

The second semester is also not decided. The only thing sure is the date of the second half marathon I intend to race: August 5th. I have to think about other races yet. I´ll talk to my friends and see.

On my next post I´ll talk about race times.