Finding Balance

I was supposed to run this morning, 1h easy, but felt heavy legs yesterday all day long and decided to postpone this run. Reason? My gym exercises last Tuesday night.

I go to the gym twice a week at night and do Functional Strength Training. But I never go the night before a quality session (I don´t want to wake up tired and face a quality session, right?). And Tuesday night, after the 6x1k in the morning, I didn´t follow the usual exercises sequence (gym was full) and it probably caused this fatigue. I believe so because I was following the same routine so far and never felt tired like this before.

It´s no big deal. I even woke up today feeling better, and I`ll probably run this night, as tomorrow is rest day.

Looking forward for this weekend. I´m going to the beach tomorrow night and can´t wait to run on the sand and swim after it.


Blessed Rest

Waking up early was an everyday fight for me. Only recently I started with morning runs (I´ll talk more about it another time) and getting out of bed is not an easy task. It used to be harder two months ago, but now feels more natural. Ok, not that natural.

It´s summer on this side of the Equator, the Sun is already shinning and the temperature is around 20C when I´m out by 6:30am.  If under this conditions I´m here complaining, I don´t want to see what´s gonna happen when winter arrives.

Why am I saying all this? Because today is rest day from my training program and I got to sleep 30 minutes more today. Blessed rest day.

Tomorrow I have a 5k paced run, which should be done below 22:30. It shall not be a problem.