2K, too warm

Last Thursday I had my 2K quality session. My goal was to complete the 5 reps in the same time of the last session, 3 weeks earlier.

Mar 1st – 5x2k @ 4:25km
Night Run

warm up: 2k
cool down: 3k


AHR= Average Heart Rate
MHR= Max Heart Rate
RHR= Rest Heart Rate (Average)
mHR= Min Heart Rate

It was a great session, considering it was a warm day. The felling after it was that I had something in the tank for a slightly faster pace. In 3 weeks I´ll try that.



Breaking 21

My 5K test done in the end of the first cycle was a complete success. I ran at the time I wanted: a sub 21min. On Saturday morning I met some friends, who also run, at a bakery store. When they asked my plans for that weekend I said I´d try to run 5k sub 21 for the first time. Saturday was a day off, Sunday night would be my attempt.

I always start any quality session or any trial warming up for 2km at an easy pace. During the warm up I felt that everything was going nice it I would have a great run.

I started and tried to establish a steady pace. First and second kms were nicely done. But since the 2nd km is slightly uphill, I felt it and completed the 3rd a little slower. During the 4th came that feeling that I wouldn´t make. Even considered aborting in the end but I had to struggle against it.

Since the course is 3km long, I knew I would finish the 5th km going slightly uphill (same as 2nd). For a few meters I had to reduce the pace to breathe better in order to keep going. After that, I imagined the finish line and gave the best I could for a last km. Really gladed I did it.

Here´s the splits:

5K test – Night Run 25C



AHR= Average Heart Rate
MHR= Max Heart Rate



Almost done

Build up season is almost done. I had my last run yesterday and tomorrow I should run the 4k time-trial to set the times for the 2k and 1k quality sessions.

I intend to run this time-trial below 16:30, my best time so far. I´ll do my best to achieve this and hopefully I´ll do it.

Now it´s time to rest, hydrate and eat properly.



Preparing for 2012

I started preparing for 2012 last year, on Dec 6th. Two weeks following the Off Period schedule (finished on Dec 19th) and then two cycles of Build Up (first cycle finished this Monday, Jan 9th).

The best part of this  was getting back into a running routine. Only 2 missed runs during Off Period (9 of 11 runs) and again 2 missed runs during Build Up cycle 01.

The weather is good these days. It´s been raining for some time and temperatures are around 21C when I´m out running. But it will not last long, unfortunately.



Let´s blog again

Yeah, I know. This blog was forgotten for a while. During my recovery time I didn´t have too much to talk.

Since my last entry nothing relevant happened. Not a single race. I had few 10k cycles and went through Off Period and the first cycle of Build Up, which ended last Monday.

Now that I´m running with a new watch (one with GPS), I´ve been able to try new paths.

Hoping for an amazing 2012. To us all.