A nice session for a change

How about a great session after a few days feeling down? This is what happened last night. I had a great quality session, 6x1k at 4:10/km could be completed with all my reps below the target time.

As I went to an event on Monday night and arrived really late at home, I knew I wouldn´t be able to run in the morning and moved the session for later. Temperature was nice, 19C and the park was not too crowded. The only problem was it was dark. They´re repairing the lamp posts (removing the old ones and putting new ones) and some parts were dark enough I had to careful not to stumble with anyone. Besides that, everything went perfect.

Today is off. It was a tiring session and a small pain on my left instep is present. Taking care of it with ice.

May 10th – 6x1k @ 4:10/km – day 08

Rep Time AHR RHR MinHR
01 04:09 172 161 145
02 04:03 177 166 153
03 04:05 177 171 155
04 04:03 179 170 155
05 04:07 175 171 158
06 04:03 181 173 163
Tot 24:30 177 169 155

AHR: average heart rate, RHR: average rest heart rate, MinHR: lowest heart rate during rest


Body signs

I´m not sure what´s going on right now. My 2k session yesterday was far from being my best session. This is the second consecutive time I didn´t have the strength to do the last rep. Three weeks before I had a good reason. I was working a lot and didn´t have time to rest or sleep properly. But yesterday, apparently, everything was fine.

I didn´t run the day before, slept well and woke up decided to finish the session. ButBody  for some reason I was feeling heavy and not matter what I tried I couldn´t keep the pace during the 4th rep and didn´t have the energy for another one.

Maybe it´s because I spent some time without doing any speed work in the morning. Maybe it´s just my body telling me to take a break soon. I don´t know. Let´s see the how things go the next days.

May 5th – 5x2k @ 4:20/km – day 03

Rep Time AHR RHR MinHR
1 08:37 177 157 136
2 08:43 177 ? 146
3 08:40 175 170 155
4 08:55 174 174 156
Tot 34:55 176 167

AHR: average heart rate, RHR: average rest heart rate


Ready to race

I´m now on my final week towards the 8k race this Saturday night. Last week´s training was good. Could run six times, had a great 1k session and a surprising 5k time. Could get my bike and have an easy ride last Sunday. After a few days of heavy work load, my routine is back and my training is going well.

I started this morning with a 3x5min at race pace (4:15/km) with 1min easy. Not as comfortable as I wanted, mostly because it wasn´t a night run, but was good to remember the pace I want to follow for this race. If I´m able to do that, will be an amazing result. Now only a couple of easy runs and a rest day before the big day.

Sub 45min – week 03

Apr 26th – 3x5min @4:15/km – day 15

Apr 27th – 1h easy – day 16

Apr 28th – 1h easy – day 17

Apr 29th – Off – day 18

Apr 30th – 8K Race – day 19

May 1st – Off or Bike – day 20

May 2nd – 1h easy – day 21


My best 5K

Last night I ran 5K at a pace I want for my 8K race next Saturday, on April 30th. It’ll be a night race and I decided to run at the same time, around 7pm.

Yesterday was a warm day. I left home at 6:30pm and while headed to park I could see that the temperature was 27C. Another thing I knew was I would run while the park still had a lot of people, so plenty of attention not to stumble with the others.

When I got there, after 11min of easy run, I prepared myself to start. My first km was a little slower (4:21), still trying to find the correct pace. The second was exactly what I wanted. Third and fourth a little faster (4:10) as I was feeling ok and the last one I keept the pace (4:10) and could finish at a time 10s faster (21:05) my goal (21:15).

It was a tough end, mostly because of the warm day. I could probably continue for another 3k, but not at 4:10 pace. A 4:15 pace seems more likely and this is I’ll try next Saturday.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that this 5k was my fastest 5k so far. Before I was always running in the morning near a 4:25 pace to see how fit I was for a morning 10k. Great thing!

April 23rd – 5K paced below 22:30 – day 12

01 04:21 162
02 04:15 180
03 04:10 183
04 04:09 185
05 04:10 187
Tot 21:05 179
AHR: Average Heart Rate

Fast and hungry

My 1k session last night was a great one. It all started after a regular day at my work, no extra hours there and arriving home early enough for the training session later that day.

I wasn´t feeling too tired and decided to go and see how it would be. The only problem was a I hadn´t eaten properly during the afternoon and the past busy days didn´t allow me to go to the supermarket.

With not too much in the tank I left home. Warm up was nice, 11 minutes at easy pace. Quick stop to sip water, adjust the watch, concentrate and go!

The session started really good. First, second, third and fourth reps were faster than programmed pace. But I started feeling hungry (yes, at the end of 4th rep I could really eat something!) and without energy. Of course I was getting tired, but I´d certainly keep that pace if I had eaten properly.

I still want to see how I´ll behave on my 5k session this Saturday. The 4:15/km pace seems plausible now. Keeping fingers crossed!

Apr 19th – 6x1k @ 4:10/km – day 9
Night Run

05|04:10|178|???|155 (HR monitor lost its signal, took me extra 10s during rest to fix it)

AHR: Average Heart Rate; RHR: Average Rest Heart Rate; MinHR: Min Heart Rate during rest