Sub 45min – Cycle 01 – Week 3

I´m currently following the Sub45min program on Time-to-Run. This is my first cycle after Build up and it´s time to adapt to quality sessions after 8 weeks (2 weeks Off Period + 6 weeks Build up) of slow running.

Now I enter the third week of this cycle (every cycle is 3-week long) with the following:

Feb 8th (Day 15) – 3x5min @10k pace 1min easy

Feb 9th (Day 16) – 1h easy

Feb 10th (Day 17) – 1h easy

Feb 11th (Day 18) – Off

Feb 12th (Day 18) – Time-trial

Feb 13th (Day 20) – 1h easy or Bike

Feb 14th (Day 21) – 1h easy or Off

Hope everything goes smoothly, expecting a better time on Sat compared to my time-trial after build up (4k time-trial 16:33 on Jan 21st).

On Time-to-Run 10k programs, Day 01 is on a Tuesday. So, my week is from Tue to Mon.