It´s been 2 years

Now I realized that tomorrow (Feb 4th) is 2 years since my first post at Time-to-Run. I had never been coached before. I was a runner, I mean, I used to put my shoes and hit the road and run depending on how I was felling. One day I had the idea of looking for a training program.  With Google to help me I started my search, trying in Portuguese and in English. Going through the results, I found Time-to-Run 10k programs. Digging a little more, found the Forum area.  Read a few threads and decided to create my own to follow the program and TheEd´s advice.

Two years later, hundreds of Kms behind me, I improved a lot as a runner. But I want more, much more. I´ve just started my running career. 2 years is just the beginning.

You can follow my thread clicking here.