2K, too warm

Last Thursday I had my 2K quality session. My goal was to complete the 5 reps in the same time of the last session, 3 weeks earlier.

Mar 1st – 5x2k @ 4:25km
Night Run

warm up: 2k
cool down: 3k


AHR= Average Heart Rate
MHR= Max Heart Rate
RHR= Rest Heart Rate (Average)
mHR= Min Heart Rate

It was a great session, considering it was a warm day. The felling after it was that I had something in the tank for a slightly faster pace. In 3 weeks I´ll try that.



Breaking 21

My 5K test done in the end of the first cycle was a complete success. I ran at the time I wanted: a sub 21min. On Saturday morning I met some friends, who also run, at a bakery store. When they asked my plans for that weekend I said I´d try to run 5k sub 21 for the first time. Saturday was a day off, Sunday night would be my attempt.

I always start any quality session or any trial warming up for 2km at an easy pace. During the warm up I felt that everything was going nice it I would have a great run.

I started and tried to establish a steady pace. First and second kms were nicely done. But since the 2nd km is slightly uphill, I felt it and completed the 3rd a little slower. During the 4th came that feeling that I wouldn´t make. Even considered aborting in the end but I had to struggle against it.

Since the course is 3km long, I knew I would finish the 5th km going slightly uphill (same as 2nd). For a few meters I had to reduce the pace to breathe better in order to keep going. After that, I imagined the finish line and gave the best I could for a last km. Really gladed I did it.

Here´s the splits:

5K test – Night Run 25C



AHR= Average Heart Rate
MHR= Max Heart Rate



My best 5K

Last night I ran 5K at a pace I want for my 8K race next Saturday, on April 30th. It’ll be a night race and I decided to run at the same time, around 7pm.

Yesterday was a warm day. I left home at 6:30pm and while headed to park I could see that the temperature was 27C. Another thing I knew was I would run while the park still had a lot of people, so plenty of attention not to stumble with the others.

When I got there, after 11min of easy run, I prepared myself to start. My first km was a little slower (4:21), still trying to find the correct pace. The second was exactly what I wanted. Third and fourth a little faster (4:10) as I was feeling ok and the last one I keept the pace (4:10) and could finish at a time 10s faster (21:05) my goal (21:15).

It was a tough end, mostly because of the warm day. I could probably continue for another 3k, but not at 4:10 pace. A 4:15 pace seems more likely and this is I’ll try next Saturday.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that this 5k was my fastest 5k so far. Before I was always running in the morning near a 4:25 pace to see how fit I was for a morning 10k. Great thing!

April 23rd – 5K paced below 22:30 – day 12

01 04:21 162
02 04:15 180
03 04:10 183
04 04:09 185
05 04:10 187
Tot 21:05 179
AHR: Average Heart Rate
Bike Training

Riding in Sao Paulo

Sunday has become bike day. Since I got my bike, on an event last month that celebrated the city´s anniversary (you enter the event and get a nice bike for you), I decided to ride on Sundays.

Why on Sundays? First, because according to my current training schedule, it´s an easy run day (it can be easily replaced by a bike ride). Second, and most important, one lane of certain streets/avenues (those that connect one park to the other) becomes exclusive for bikes (from 7am – 2pm), plus traffic is very low.

Bike path connecing Ibirapuera´s Park (red line) to Villa-Lobos Park (green line)
Bike exclusive lane on a Sunday

From where I live (near Ibirapuera´s Park) to Villa-Lobos Park (passing through Parque do Povo) is 11,6km long. You´re able to ride on a flat path most of the way (you go through one tunnel) and enjoy the view of the big city riding on a safe lane, not having to worry with the heavy traffic you see on week days.

Riding towards Villa-Lobos Park
I`m enjoying a lot my Sunday mornings. Sometimes it´s good to try a different sport.
Riding at Villa-Lobos Park
Next time I go, I´ll take more pictures to show how Sao Paulo looks on a Sunday morning from a bike´s point of view.


4K Time-trial

At the end of a 3-week cycle, you’re supposed to race. It can either be an actual race or a time-trial. In my case, as had no races planned for today, I went out for a 4k time-trial. The result is used to determine the pace for the 2k and 1k quality sessions.

My expectations for today’s trial were to finish at a better time than last one (16:33). I actually achieved it, (16:29) but I wanted it to be bellow 16:20.  It was a great result as well.

Another cycle begins next Tuesday. Tomorrow I’ll grab my bike and ride for some time.  It’s been fun to ride through the city on Sunday mornings. I’ll take some pictures and show how it looks like.

Feb 12th 4k Time-trial - Day 19

Morning Run - 23C
Km time AHR
01 04:12 165
02 04:08 185
03 04:08 189
04 04:01 194
04 16:29 183